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October reads for Book Club

Well we all enjoyed our books from last month authors – Annie West, Sarah Belle and Anna Campbell.

This month’s reading is –

Rachael John’s Outback Dreams

Rachel Harris’ My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century

I have to confess I’m friends with Rachael Johns and am lucky enough to read her work before it’s published. However, I never got to read the ending of Outback Dreams and really wanted to see Faith and Monty’s HEA. Now I can 🙂

Bonus books for the quick readers in our group are –

Kandy Shepherd’s Reinventing Rose (because we love funny chick lit stories)

Rachel Harris’ A Tale of Two Centuries (because it’s linked to My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century)

So what are you reading this month?


So You Think You Can Write 2013

It’s on again!!!! This amazing writing competition gives romance writers an opportunity to submit a chapter to be read by a HMB editor. The lucky winner will be offered a book publishing contract with Mills and Boon.

When I last checked this afternoon there were over 500 entries!! Wow!!

If you’re interested in reading mine, please go to –

Hope you enjoy it and happy reading!!!