A perfect date

It’s summer here in Melbourne which means warm weather, the cricket is on the TV and we’re all taking it easy. Especially the time between Xmas and New Year most small shops are closed and it’s a lovely time to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

This week we’ve been doing family outings and we headed to the outdoor cinema in the beautiful botanical gardens – http://www.moonlight.com.au/melbourne/

We had a perfect spot and enjoyed a twilight picnic before the movie. Next to us were couples seated in the “Gold Grass” roped off section which boasts comfy bean bags and impeccable service. It’s like they were in first class and we were in economy 😉

I did notice a couple who appeared to be on a date enjoying wine and nibbles. A perfect date. We had such a good time and I’m sure the couple did too that I will have to include this perfect date in a future book. However, my hero will definitely take my heroine to the Gold Grass area 🙂

So have you had a chance to go to the open air moonlight cinema?


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