Reading something different


I read …… a lot!!! I love reading and tend to buy books I know I will like.  Which is why book club is so good, I read books I may not have chosen.

I love a good HMB Presents /Sexy but my least favourite theme is royalty and my least favourite heroes are Russian. So, why Maisey Yates’ A Royal World Apart. It’s got Royalty and a Russian hero. Why? Why? I hear you ask? Why read a book I wouldn’t normally choose. Simply, I decided to read something different PLUS the set up intrigued me.

Did I like it? YES! It was a wonderful, emotional read 🙂 Well done Maisey!!!!  After I finished it, I received an email from Amazon recommending Maisey’s next book, At His Majesty’s Request.  I really enjoy books linked by characters so I’ll definitely checking out Eva’s brother’s story.

So, do you read outside of your comfort zone? And do you like books with “linked” characters?


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