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A perfect date

It’s summer here in Melbourne which means warm weather, the cricket is on the TV and we’re all taking it easy. Especially the time between Xmas and New Year most small shops are closed and it’s a lovely time to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

This week we’ve been doing family outings and we headed to the outdoor cinema in the beautiful botanical gardens –

We had a perfect spot and enjoyed a twilight picnic before the movie. Next to us were couples seated in the “Gold Grass” roped off section which boasts comfy bean bags and impeccable service. It’s like they were in first class and we were in economy 😉

I did notice a couple who appeared to be on a date enjoying wine and nibbles. A perfect date. We had such a good time and I’m sure the couple did too that I will have to include this perfect date in a future book. However, my hero will definitely take my heroine to the Gold Grass area 🙂

So have you had a chance to go to the open air moonlight cinema?


Reading something different


I read …… a lot!!! I love reading and tend to buy books I know I will like.  Which is why book club is so good, I read books I may not have chosen.

I love a good HMB Presents /Sexy but my least favourite theme is royalty and my least favourite heroes are Russian. So, why Maisey Yates’ A Royal World Apart. It’s got Royalty and a Russian hero. Why? Why? I hear you ask? Why read a book I wouldn’t normally choose. Simply, I decided to read something different PLUS the set up intrigued me.

Did I like it? YES! It was a wonderful, emotional read 🙂 Well done Maisey!!!!  After I finished it, I received an email from Amazon recommending Maisey’s next book, At His Majesty’s Request.  I really enjoy books linked by characters so I’ll definitely checking out Eva’s brother’s story.

So, do you read outside of your comfort zone? And do you like books with “linked” characters?

Weekend Reading

I’ve just finished Emmie Dark’s In His Eyes 🙂 Ok, I may be biased as Emmie is a friend and CP but this is a really good read. It’s a very intense book with lots of emotion. And the title reflects how the heroine thinks the hero sees her – through his eyes. I also loved how the book was set in a vineyard and it was interesting reading all about wine making 🙂

With the ease of 1-click buying via Amazon, my kindle is full of wonderful books. So which one to read next?

So what are you reading this weekend?

PS – I really enjoy managing the (Aust) RWA’s CP (Crit Partner) scheme with Bec. Here, we match up writers depending on their skills and sub genres they write. Last night I received a thanks with the best line ever – referring me to a literary yenta (match maker) – love it!!!!!!!!