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Romance Book Club

I’m very excited to share that I’ve started my own book club for romance books 🙂

Years ago I read a HMB Presents/Sexy where the heroine was part of a category romance book club. I don’t remember the name of the book or the author but I do remember the bit about the book club.

I just looooooooved the idea of a romance book club ……. so I started one 🙂 Fortunately I’ve got enough people interested and we start soon!!!

So, are you in a book club and if so, what do you best like about it?


My CP’s success


Writing can be a lonely occupation however, the sisterhood of romance writers is one of the pluses of being a writer. I’m lucky to have a number of lovely crit partners and writing buddies who are not just friends but also fantastic writers.

One of them, Jennifer St George, has recently been signed with Penguin’s new romance line, Destiny. Her debut book, The Convenient Bride is brilliant and I was lucky enough to read it before she subbed it to Penguin. I am absolutely delighted for my friend’s success! How gorgeous is the cover???

Recently I attended the launch party of Penguin’s new line and is was wonderful to see new as well established writers (Kelly Hunter and Anne Gracie) signed up with them.

It is an exciting time to be a romance writer with new and existing publishers looking for romance writers.

Mad Men and romance writing

I’ve been super sick of late and unable to work or even write 😦 I love watching TV but never have time as I write at night. But being sick has been the perfect excuse to catch up on some telly viewing. I’ve just watched the first season of Mad Men and hope to watch another season before I get better 😉

The series is great and has amazing characters. I’m just lovin’ the fashion and those gorgeous frocks!!

I also found the series to be an eye-opener. How attitudes have changed in 50 years. And it’s the same with romance writing. How different are romance books from now compared with the 1960s??!

Romance novels have definitely changed for the better, in my opinion. There is also now an array of sub-genres including erotic, paranormal, UF, sweet, historical and many more. And now the heroine is stronger and independent even in sweeter style books.

So are you a Mad Men fan?

And what changes have you seen in romances over the decades?