Remembering my grandmother

Today is the anniversary of my grandmother passing away. I reflected on her memory and remembered all the good things about her. I miss her and all the delicious cooking she did, she really was an incredible cook.

It had me thinking about the characters we create in our books. How the past shapes our characters in what they think and who they are.

So do you have someone special (here or deceased) who has had a profound or even had a positive impact on your life?


8 thoughts on “Remembering my grandmother

    • Hi Rach – sorry to hear about your granddad and second mum who you miss so much 😦 They would be so proud of you and how well you’re realising your dreams!

      Thanks – I also love the new look blog!!

  1. HI Joanne

    Love your new look blog. My lovely sister died ten years ago and her mail was redirected to me. That’s when I started to receive RWA Hearts Talk (Rose was an RWA member). Her dream was to be a Mills and Boon author. In Hearts Talk a saw a Melanie Milburne workshop listed and I went along (really because I thought Rose would have loved it) and that’s when I thought, maybe I could write too.

    • I’ve got goose bumps up and down my arms after reading your post. I’m so sorry to hear about your beautiful sister, Rose.

      How incredible she wanted to be a HMB author and now you are a romance writer! What a wonderful story of how your life changed direction from such a tragic event.

      You are a brilliant writer and am sure you will be snapped up soon by a publisher 🙂

  2. Love the new-look blog! Really pretty and sophisticated. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, but it’s wonderful that you have so many lovely memories of her. I remember both my grandmothers – one was a fantastic cook, the other was a great reader. I’d like to think both their passions have had an influence on my life!

    • Thanks Emmie – I also love my new blog 😀

      Thanks for your kind words about my grandmother.

      Cooking and reading – now that’s a combination I like! 🙂 How wonderful to have two such beautiful passions handed down to you.

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