Book launch

Last night I attended a book launch for Elana Benjamin’s memoir, My Mother’s Spice Cupboard. With such an evocative title, it would be easy to assume Elana had written a cook book. Nup. This is about her family’s history and how they came to live in Australia.

After briefly talking about why and how she wrote the book, we were treated to a reading of the first chapter. At the end we all eagerly queued to purchase a copy so we could read the rest.

In romance writing there’s always back story, the stuff that makes the hero and heroine in what they think and the choices they make. It’s what makes them tick. It got me thinking about how the lives of parents and grandparents influence our characters.

For my writing friends – have your characters had parents/grandparents that emigrated? And if so, how did this influence them?

For my non-writing friends – has your family emigrated and how did this influence you?

I’d love to hear your stories 🙂


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