My new desk!

My new desk!

So after years of writing on the kitchen table, I now have my own writing space. Cue squeals of happiness and much happy dancing!!!

Have a look at the gorgeous type-writer tea-pot my parents gave me 🙂

I’m so happy to have my own place to write and can’t wait to fill it up with my writing stuff.

To my writing friends – do you have your own area to write? If not, what would your dream space be? And for my non-writing friends, do you have your own quiet area?


6 thoughts on “My new desk!

  1. Joanne, it’s gorgeous and congratulations! I’m lucky to have my own office – and have had for a long time now – but I too graduated from the kitchen table! It feels really cool doesn’t it – to have your own space?

    Mind you, I’m so embarrassed by mine! I feel like I’ve been on deadline for two solid years – oh wait! I have!! LOL! I keep promising myself as soon as I’m out from under the screws I’ll have a big toss out.

    That or crash in front of the TV and not move for a month,,,

    Hmmmnn… Thinking, thinking… Looks like the mess will be there a bit longer… 😉

    Good luck honey, may the desk inspire many wonderful words. Hugs.

  2. I love the desk Joanne and the fact that you now have your very own space for writing. I graduated from the farm office desk, but now have a lovely room of my own after giving the dining room a makeover!
    Enjoy your new desk!

  3. Thanks Rachael 🙂 I also love my new desk!

    How wonderful to have your own room to write in – lucky you 🙂 I hope your lovely room inspires the words to flow.

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