Weekend reading

I’ve just finished “The Kommandant’s Girl”. Here is my Goodreads review

I really enjoyed this book. It started slow and picked up so by the end I couldn’t put it down as I had to find out what happened.

The true horrors of the Holocaust are not portrayed in this book because it’s through Emma/Anna’s eyes. We can only see what she sees. But there is enough there (details of the Polish ghettos) without the horrors being glossed over.

There is lots of emotion and the part where Emma meets up with her Dad is heartbreaking.

This book is not a biography it’s a piece of fiction. In saying that, I liked all the characters and found the storyline compelling enough for me to read it almost in one sitting.

In the “The Kommandant’s Girl”, we meet the brave Marta and we don’t know what happens to her (her ending is a cliff hanger and I assumed the worse). I’m looking forward to reading “The Diplomat’s Wife” and reading her story.

So what are you reading this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Weekend reading

    • This is one of the many books I chose for my Book Club (I chose lots of RWA books 🙂 ) but I hadn’t heard of it. Glad I chose it and glad I got first dibs 🙂

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