A perfect date with Gershwin and the MSO

Last Saturday night, my good friend, Lisa, and I attended a wonderful concert at the Arts Centre in Melbourne. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of the incredible Bramwell Tovey, delighted us with an array of glorious Gershwin music. We were also treated to the magnificent voice of Tracy Dahl who sang a number of songs.

We’d enjoyed pre-show drinks at the Curve Bar  and I’d remarked to my friend that the evening had been a brilliant “date”.

It had me thinking, if our evening had been in one of my books, what would have been different?

The answer. Not much. We had brilliant seats in the front and in the middle. What else could we have asked for?

Hmm – the only thing I could come up with was valet parking (of course!) and vintage French champagne (instead of the Australian bubbly I’d enjoyed).

So there you have it – a perfect night. I definitely think my hero is going to spoil my heroine with a night out at the magnificent Art Centre.

So what do you consider to be a perfect date? I’d love to know 🙂


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