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What to do when you can’t write.

Life is busy as in really, really busy and I just haven’t had time to write.

I’m sure many writers wish there was more time each day.

So what to do?

This is what I’m doing –

  • Accepting I can’t write at the moment and will do so as soon as I can
  • Thinking about my WIP including making some handwritten notes for later
  • Read!

I’ve read some brilliant books lately which has been a fantastic distraction to my busy-ness.

So what about you? What do you do when you’re swamped?

And how about your reading – read any good books lately? I just finished Natalie Anderson’s “Nice Girls Finish Last”, which was fabulous.


What are you reading?

Portrait Of A Spy (Gabriel Allon, #11)

I’ve just finished Daniel Silva’s latest – Portrait of a Spy – and it’s fantastic.

I’m a huge fan of Daniel Silva and really enjoy his “Gabriel Allon” books. Silva may not write romance but his hero literally walks off the page, absolutely brilliant 🙂

Interested in seeing what else I read? check out Goodreads

So what have you read this weekend? 🙂

In the pink!

Do you know that October is Pink Ribbon month?

As a passionate supporter of Pink Ribbon, this month I will be hosting a Pink Ribbon afternoon tea as well as organising functions at my work and at my kids’ school.

So wear your pink with pride – I will be 🙂