Sarah Mayberry and Brenda Novak

What do Sarah and Brenda have in common, apart from being good writers?

As many of you know, Brenda organises an amazing online auction each year to raise money for Diabetes Research. What she does is absolutely incredible and this year she raised a staggering $300,500.

The lovely Sarah Mayberry donated a 3 chapter sub and I was delighted to win.

Having Sarah read my 3 chapters was nerve-wracking but her insights and thoughts were absolutely brilliant and I really enjoyed reading her thoughts on my manuscript.

I’ve polished my submission and it’s now on its way to the editor. Fingers crossed she likes it 🙂

My advice for any writers thinking about bidding for crits are – got for it but choose your ‘critiquer’ carefully. I chose Sarah because I love her books and she is writing for a similar line to me.

Not only could you get some fabulous insights into your writing but you will also be helping a very worthy cause.


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