Book in a Week (BIAW)

April Kihlstrom

I recently participated in April Kihlstrom’s BIAW course. To say it was fabulous would underestimate this brilliant concept.

Writing a book – in a week?

I’d never heard of BIAW till the wonderful Anne McAllister posted her experiences on Pink Heart Society blog.

Did it sound interesting and exciting? Yes.

Did I think I could do it? No.

The writer’s self-doubt niggled me till I finally locked it away and contacted April.

What did I learn?

  • I can write….fast!
  • Doing a course with an on-line group is rewarding but can be confrontational – you have to share your work.
  • Over editing means it’ll take three times as long to finish the book.
  • Writing can be demanding (ok, I already knew this) but I did have to put some areas of my life on hold to fully participate.
  • Develop the characters and then look at the plot.

Would I do the course again? Absolutely.

April has an amazing insight and her ideas were absolutely golden. I learnt so much from her. She really pushes you to look at your characters, plot and conflict. I definitely believe my book will be so much better because of the course.

And for non-romance writers – April’s course is not just for romance writers, it’s tailored for all fiction and non-fiction writers.

So if you’re wondering how to push yourself a little more with your writing, I’d highly recommend April’s BIAW.


2 thoughts on “Book in a Week (BIAW)

  1. That sounds fascinating Joanne! During the writing week, how many hours a day are you supposed to dedicate to writing? How many words did you end up writing (if you don’t mind me asking!).

    Glad you found it so useful!

  2. Thanks Leah 🙂

    During the writing week you dedicate as much as you can. I would have loved to have taken time off work but alas I coudn’t. I also had less time because the final week clashed with the start of the RWA conference.

    So in half a week, I managed 13K words. I was really happy with this. I also found myself typing really fast – the words just flowed onto the keyboard.

    April also gave me a great idea which I used to increase the conflict between my H&H and I think this will ensure the middle (approx chapter 7) isn’t saggy.

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