A Tale of Two Cities

As a born and bred Sydney-sider now living in Melbourne I’m often asked the inevitable question – which city do you like best? Answering “both” doesn’t seem to be PC especially with the long running rivalry between these two great cities.
But it is true – both cities are fab but for different reasons. To date, all my manuscripts have been set in either Sydney or Melbourne and I enjoy bringing what I love about each city into the story.
Sydney – you can’t go past the stunning harbour, the beautiful beaches, relaxed lifestyle and the balmy weather.
Melbourne – you can’t go past the café culture, the fashion, quirky city lane ways and the obsession with sport (think AFL, Melbourne Cup etc).
So what is the best thing you like in either Sydney and Melbourne?

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Cities

  1. I ❤ Sydney.
    No matter where you go in this city, you're never, ever, more than a couple meters away from a delicious cup of coffee.

    (And yep, feel free to edit my spelling of meter.)

  2. Hi Jess – thanks for dropping by 🙂 and yes, there is good coffee in Sydney!

    Next time you’re in Melbourne we’ll have to go and check out some cafes and do comparisons 😉

    It’s “metre” but since you write predominately for an American market, meter is fine 😀

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