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Sarah Mayberry and Brenda Novak

What do Sarah and Brenda have in common, apart from being good writers?

As many of you know, Brenda organises an amazing online auction each year to raise money for Diabetes Research. What she does is absolutely incredible and this year she raised a staggering $300,500.

The lovely Sarah Mayberry donated a 3 chapter sub and I was delighted to win.

Having Sarah read my 3 chapters was nerve-wracking but her insights and thoughts were absolutely brilliant and I really enjoyed reading her thoughts on my manuscript.

I’ve polished my submission and it’s now on its way to the editor. Fingers crossed she likes it 🙂

My advice for any writers thinking about bidding for crits are – got for it but choose your ‘critiquer’ carefully. I chose Sarah because I love her books and she is writing for a similar line to me.

Not only could you get some fabulous insights into your writing but you will also be helping a very worthy cause.



Got your attention?! 😉

I’m actually talking about my crit partner (CP), Emmie Dark’s success as a new Harlequin SuperRomance author.

My other CPs live interstate or overseas so I was delighted to find Emmie not only lived in Melbourne but two suburbs away. We’ve been able to meet, have fabulous lunches and talk about writing!

I was absolutely ecstatic when Emmie got “The Call”. I’ve read her work and it’s really, really good. She’s now got a blog and website.

Congrats Emmie on your well-earned success!!

Book in a Week (BIAW)

April Kihlstrom

I recently participated in April Kihlstrom’s BIAW course. To say it was fabulous would underestimate this brilliant concept.

Writing a book – in a week?

I’d never heard of BIAW till the wonderful Anne McAllister posted her experiences on Pink Heart Society blog.

Did it sound interesting and exciting? Yes.

Did I think I could do it? No.

The writer’s self-doubt niggled me till I finally locked it away and contacted April.

What did I learn?

  • I can write….fast!
  • Doing a course with an on-line group is rewarding but can be confrontational – you have to share your work.
  • Over editing means it’ll take three times as long to finish the book.
  • Writing can be demanding (ok, I already knew this) but I did have to put some areas of my life on hold to fully participate.
  • Develop the characters and then look at the plot.

Would I do the course again? Absolutely.

April has an amazing insight and her ideas were absolutely golden. I learnt so much from her. She really pushes you to look at your characters, plot and conflict. I definitely believe my book will be so much better because of the course.

And for non-romance writers – April’s course is not just for romance writers, it’s tailored for all fiction and non-fiction writers.

So if you’re wondering how to push yourself a little more with your writing, I’d highly recommend April’s BIAW.

Happy Fathers’ Day

In Australia it’s Fathers’ Day, a day we can say thanks to our Dads for being there for us.

On a personal note, I’m sending my hubby and Dad lots of love today.

Happy Fathers’ Day to those who are lucky to have their dads around to catch up with them today. And a moment of reflection on those whose fathers are no longer with us.

Wishing you all a happy day 🙂

PS – because I write romance with sexy heroes, I thought it was only appropriate to include the following , enjoy!!

A Tale of Two Cities

As a born and bred Sydney-sider now living in Melbourne I’m often asked the inevitable question – which city do you like best? Answering “both” doesn’t seem to be PC especially with the long running rivalry between these two great cities.
But it is true – both cities are fab but for different reasons. To date, all my manuscripts have been set in either Sydney or Melbourne and I enjoy bringing what I love about each city into the story.
Sydney – you can’t go past the stunning harbour, the beautiful beaches, relaxed lifestyle and the balmy weather.
Melbourne – you can’t go past the café culture, the fashion, quirky city lane ways and the obsession with sport (think AFL, Melbourne Cup etc).
So what is the best thing you like in either Sydney and Melbourne?