Fiona Lowe, Bob Mayer & my Argentinean hero

One area I am focussing on with my current WIP is my hero. As a romance writer targeting Mills & Boon Sexy/ Presents Extra I need my hero to literally “walk off the page” and have the reader fall in love with him.

At the recent Melbourne RWA (Aust) conference, I attended a number of workshops but Fiona Lowe’s “Writing the Male Point of View” and Bob Mayer’s “Character” had me thinking about my hero in a different light.

From Bob –

  • “Heroism is taking action in the face of fear”
  • My hero (character) at the end of the story must act differently than he would have at the beginning of the book.

From Fiona –

Aside from the brilliant excerpts from “Couplings” which had the room in fits of laughter, she shared the following –

  • Men talk about what they do rather than what they feel
  • Generally women are more empathetic than men. So for my hero, he can improve his empathy and connect with his feelings but it will be the heroine who can help him to do this.

So joining what Fiona and Bob said, something new for my hero will be his changes in empathy. Currently, his beliefs are based on emotions from when he was a young teenager and he is reluctant to change (he believes he is right). With the help of the heroine he will learn to be more empathetic and see the situation from an adult’s perspective. At the end of the book he will be different from the beginning.

SNAP! Thanks Fiona and Bob – I’ve added an extra layer to my gorgeous hero which I hope the editor will love.

Did anyone else have one of those lightbulb moments at RWA? I’d love to hear them.


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